Buy me pizza, slap my ass, and let me kiss you


I’m not that hard to please

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"My girlfriend caught me with another woman. Now she won’t even let me get my stuff out of the apartment! I said ‘C’mon, Sweetheart.’ And she said ‘Fuck you Motherfucker!’ I tried going back when she wasn’t home, to see if I could get the dog to open the door. But he was too small. Our last dog could open the door. But not this one."

Bukowski, is that you?


When I think of love, this is kind of what I think about.

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pretty stoked on life currently. Trying to find magic everywhere.


Louise Deville as the fire guardian, by Eric Dany photographer. Fire props by Andrey DAS.

I love this!!


Philippe Lejeanvre for Burncrewconcept.

" 10 years of fire event in Paris @ Palais de Tokyo ".


More work on my knee from yesterday

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Some shots from last night’s Easter Sunday Funday. 

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